Sailwind is a manufacturer and supplier of heated apparel, dedicating to the integration of fashion with the design of daily home products. We also focus on the innovation of smart apparel design and interactive experience.

Stay warm in Winter

Our Mission

More often than not, there are frequent and sharp rises and drops in temperature in the changeover period between seasons. Your mood and efficiency in workplace may directly be affected by the fact whether you are properly clothed or not. You may sometimes catch a cold or fever when you are overclothed or inadequately clothed. In such an intelligent era, why can’t we have a smart apparel that can help us meet these challenges coming with the changes of temperature. This is why we have this heated apparel come into being.

What We Do

With the in-depth investigations and surveys made by our marketing team and feedback from consumers, Sailwind’s technical team come up with the heated apparel design integrating the market requirement with the graphene technology, offering a fresh new alternative for winter apparel. Our heated apparel can keep you warm through the winter, and at the same time it is also lightweight and looks good. With the graphene technology, our product turns electricity into heat quickly, making sure your are warm, comfortable and enjoying yourself in the freezing autumn and winter seasons when you put on our heated apparel. As an alternative to down jacket, our product offers you a new way to explore the cold seasons, and “heats” your winter.

Our Value

• We believe in fair trade and fair price. We have very strict rules for our suppliers to make sure only ethical business practices are in place.

• We care about our customers and our planet. That is why we dedicate part of our profit to communities and NGOs that help the ones in need.

• We don’t do fast fashion, we want to make things that last.

Our Guarantee

heating elements scured

We work passionately to provide a catalogue of jackets, vests, fleece, and sweatshirts - all powered by CE, FCC, RoHS Certified rechargeable batteries and heating elements.

30-day return

We want you to be fully satisfied with any item you purchase from Sailwind. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee alongside a 1-year warranty covering any heating elements of your purchase.

easy exchange

We are located in China, and have warehouses in the united states(TX & LA) and China, order in US will shipping from US. , all return and exchange could be proceed in US.


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