Unisex Heated Socks


  • Includes Certified Rechargeable 2500mAH Battery with Premium Heat Technology to Last Up to 10 Hours
  • 3 Heat settings (High, Med, Low) with a button
  • Premium combed cotton with ergonomic design
  • Graphene Heating Technology heats up in seconds
  • Reinforced Fabric & Wires Allow Safely Machine Wash

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Care Guide

Machine wash cold following 3 steps:

  • Take out the batteries
  • Put the USB cable in the pocket
  • Zip up the pocket

Unisex Heated Socks $69.00

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Sailwind Winter Thermal Unisex 3.7V 2500mAh Electric Rechargeable Heated Sock With 3-Mode Temperature Control, which is made of soft and comfortable material and designed with 3 adjustable temperature levels, can be quickly heated in seconds, and a single charge can last up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth, the highest temperature can reach 110-140℉, essential for winter.

sailwind heated socks-details
sailwind heated socks-details
sailwind heated socks-details

Ideal for various occasions, including the daily commute and outdoor activities, such as hunting, skiing, snowmobile, cycling, ice fishing, and camping.

  •  Instructions for Use:

1. Fully charge the two batteries before the first use. 

2. Connect the li-ion battery with the wire located in the sock’s inner pocket. 

3. Press the button on the battery for 3 seconds until the Red (high) light turns on. Press it again to switch to other heating modes, Orange (medium), Green (low). 

4. Press the button for 3 seconds in any mode to turn the heating off.

  • Working Hours:

High: 140℉/60℃, 5 working hours

Medium: 130℉/54℃, 7 working hours

Low: 110℉/43℃, 10 working hours

  • Package Included:

1 x Pair Sailwind Heated Socks

2 x 3.7V 2500mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries

1 x Micro USB Charge Cable

1 x User Manual