Rechargeable Heated Gloves


  • 3D cutting molding & exquisite internal suture technology to bend and move freely
  • non-slip palm pad Technology help you grip anything firmly
  • Water & wind resistance for your unrestricted movement towards outdoor
  • Includes Certified Rechargeable 10000mAH Battery with Premium Heat Technology to Last Up to 9 Hours
  • Super sensitive conductive material on fingers enables presicive touchscreen experience

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  • 1-year warranty on heating elements
Care Guide

Machine wash cold following 3 steps:

  • Take out the batteries
  • Put the USB cable in the pocket
  • Zip up the pocket

 Rechargeable Heated Gloves $89.99

Free U.S. shipping on all orders over $100

  • 30 days easy returns
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  • These smart heating gloves are specially equipped with safe and high-quality electric heating wire, and the heating area covers the back of the hand.
  • According to the human hand curve, set reasonable size, three-dimensional cutting molding, and exquisite internal suture technology, freely bending and comfortably warm.
  • A non-slip palm pad, reasonable area cutting, and grip handlebars without slipping, even in unusual weather, can also add protection for winter cycling.
  • The windproof and waterproof fabric makes it easy to travel in rain and snow. It can also warm your hands and protect you in harsh environments.
  • The heat dissipates quickly and evenly after the power is switched on, and there are three temperature levels. You can choose the temperature most suitable for you, which is warm wherever and gives you enough sense of security in the cold wind.
  • These smart heating gloves are equipped with high-quality anti-splash water zippers to keep the battery bag from water and make the heating function more secure.
  • Add the inside of the velvet. Even if there is no heat, it can also be instantly warm at 10 degrees to ensure the friendly state of the hands at any time.
  • Complimentary battery with USB port for repeated charging. The compact battery body can be easily inserted into the battery bag. It can also be used as an emergency charger. Extended, press the power button to turn on the heating function.
  • When riding outdoors in winter, sudden phone calls would be trouble. These smart heating gloves are made with a sensitive conductive material with a fingertip touch screen, so you can make and receive calls without taking off your gloves. The wrist-lengthened design is equipped with high-quality velcro, which has strong adhesion and is matched with a retractable rope, which is double-locked to close the cuffs and prevent wind.

Basic Parameters

  • Weight:230g
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 11.42″ long * 5.12″ wide
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Input parameters :DC5V,2A