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Best Heated Vests of 2023, Heat Lab Reviews

Best Heated Vests of The Year
Best For Work
Big Brand Name & Good Quality
Battery Not Included
heated golf vest

Best Overall

Great Fit & Incredible Warmth
10000mAh Battery Included
Best Budget
Dr. Prepare
Great value
Battery Not Included

How We Tested the Best Heated Vests

The three essential factors in a heated vest are how well it keeps us warm, how long the heat lasts and how it looks. 

We wore each vest indoors and outdoors and noted how comfortable it was when reaching, bending, and twisting, and we also observed how well it blocked the cold wind and the water-resistant capability. 

Then we charge the batteries fully, and we turn all heated vests at a high level of heat. We then checked every 30 minutes to see if the vest was still producing heat and made a note of the time when it stopped heating.

We also examined the style of the vest, the quality of the vest’s materials, and how well the seams were sewn. Finally, we gave each vest a grade and made five top picks.

Best Heated Vest of The Year


Sailwind Men’s Heated VestBest overall

Price at the time of publishing: $129
Number of heating zones:4, back, right/left chest, collar. High, medium, and low settings. 
Battery Included: yes, 7.4V power system & charger
Run time on high: 4 hours
Others: Graphene heating elements + Silver Honeycomb™️ liner

One of the first things we noticed about the Sailwind vest was how lightweight and comfortable it was. It’s super supple, with no restrictions to any movement or friction with inner clothing, which is the foundation of a tremendous heated golf vest. It features four heat zones: one on each side in the pockets area, the back, and the collar region, keeping the core area and hands toasty. It heats in a few seconds and gets super warm. The vest generated heat for around 5 hours on high, and the soft nylon outer shell blocked most of the cutting wind.

It has a separate pocket for the battery at the back, barely feeling anything during the swing, but it might be noticeable when sitting on the sofa. The vest contains quality materials and is well made-no snags, the seams are well secured, and the material appears very durable. There is no doubt that this will be a great heated golf vest for many years.

Separate pocket for the battery, no feeling when movements
Separate pocket for the battery, no feeling when movements
Super lightweight
No arms restrictions at all
Noticeable battery package when sitting down


Milwaukee M12 Unisex Heated VestBest For Work

Price at the time of publishing: $149.99
Number of heating zones:3, back, right/left chest
Battery Included: No
Run time on high: 3 hours
Others: Washer and dryer safe

Milwaukee is the most famous brand we tested this time, and also with the highest list price of $259 for a unisex heated vest. To be honest, we are a bit suspicious about the price setting that high, but we found some retailers at a reasonable price, so at last, we bought it back (Really expensive, if you find this article helpful, please give us a thumbs up!)

The quality is reassuring, and the warmth is reliable. The boys in our Lab like the style. It looks smarter than other puffed heated vests. It’s quite a good choice for work, especially when your company would pay for it. The obvious drawback is the battery is not included in this price. It’s stated that with the upgraded M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Compact Battery Pack on low setting, the heating run-time is up to 8 hours. But we don’t like their original battery pack, which is huge and uncomfortable.

Reputable brand with a long history
Good-looking style
Washer and dryer safe
No Battery


Foxelli Men’s Heated VestBest Puffed

Price at the time of publishing: $119
The Number of heating zones:4 carbon fiber pads, back, right/left abdomen, collar.
Battery Included: yes, 10000mAh battery
Run time on high: 2 hours
Others: The battery pocket locates in the front chest

This heated vest for men has a heating system that consists of 4 carbon (graphite) fiber heating pads that generate heat across the collar, back, and front core body. It’s adjustable with 3 different heating levels so that you can choose a preferable temperature with the simple press of a button.

Also, the battery pocket location doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. “You don’t even know it’s there,” said one tester. Another cool feature is an additional USB port, so you can charge your phone while out and about wearing the vest. Just bear in mind this will run down the battery life quicker.

Separate pocket for the battery, no feeling when movements
No arms restrictions at all
The battery is not long-lasting


Fooxmet Heated VestAlso consider

Fooxmet Heated Vestcontact us to get them
Others: Water-resistant, windbreaker nutshells
Number of heating zones:1 on the back
Battery Included: Yes, a mini 4000mAh lightweight battery
Run time on high: 3.5 hours
Others: Water-resistant, windbreaker outshells

We really like how this vest looks. This is the most stylish one among all the heated golf vests we tested. Although it only has one heating zone at the back. It’s warm enough but not very friendly to cold hands. The capability of being water-resistant is quite impressive. We will give it a higher rank if it’s more easily purchased. It’s only sold in China, and we asked a friend to mail it to us, which cost us a fortune… However, the price is nice. If you guys want this vest, you can leave a comment down there or contact us by email, and we will try and help you get one.

Stylish & Good looking
Expensive and long-time shipping
Hard to buy

Best heated vest review-sailwind

Conqueco Men’s Lightweight Heated VestBest for Layering

Conqueco heated vest-sailwind heat lab
Price at the time of publishing: 100
Number of heating zones:3, back,left/right chest
Battery Included: Yes, 10000mAh battery
Run time on high: 3.5 hours
Others: /

Looking for something you can layer over a sweater, hoodie, or other outerwear? Go with the Conqueco Heated Vest. Our testers liked the lightweight, insulated design, noting that it’s easy to zip up and feels comfy and not at all bulky or restricting around the neck and back. However, one drawback is that the battery pack is somewhat large, making it hard to fit into its designated pouch.

The power button is located on the inside, which makes it look more like a regular vest, but it took our testers a minute to figure out where it was. This vest takes about three minutes to heat up and provides consistent warmth. Just a heads up, there are no hand warmers or heating panels on the lower back or waist. Still, we think this is a great option for hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, or watching outdoor sports in cold weather.

Non-bulky design
Perfect for laying over
Super lightweight
No warm the lower back or waist
Not warm as advertised

Dr. Prepare Electric Heated VestBest budget

Dr. Prepare Heated VestFind the best deal for you
Price at the time of publishing: $54.99
The Number of heating zones: 6, neck, back, abdomen, and waist 
Battery Included: no
Run time on high: 3 hours
Others: /

For something more affordable, we recommend Dr. Prepare. The brand’s Electric Heated Vest has an intuitive design and heats up within about 30 seconds. “It got pretty hot very quickly, which was impressive,” said one tester. “I noticed it in the lower back first, then toward my stomach and neck.” However, you have to buy the battery pack separately, which is odd for this type of product and also adds a little to the cost.

Our testers liked the sleek, puffer-style design. It has a lightweight, non-constricting feel that’s perfect for layering over other pieces or even underneath a big winter coat. While it’s a bummer this heated vest doesn’t come with a battery pack, we think the budget-friendly price is still a good value.

lightweight & Clean Design
Battery not included

Frequently Asked Questions

Are heated vests safe?

Yes, the lithium-ion batteries used to generate heat are low voltage and will not result in an electrical shock. But while the outer nylon shell may be water-resistant, the inner lining is not, so don’t wear a heated vest if the inside is wet. If moisture gets into the battery connections, it increases the risk of shock.

How do heated vests work?

Heated vests usually have wires, strips, or tubular heating elements embedded into targeted zones within the insulated fill. They run on rechargeable lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, which go in designated pockets and attach to wire connectors. When you power on your vest, an electrical current passes through the heating element, warming the targeted zones.

How hot do heated vests get?

The heating elements typically have three settings for heat. The high settings will use up the most battery but will put out a high heat level. They’re also suitable for pairing with a warm overcoat if you need to stay warm and toasty in even colder temperatures.

What battery should we use for heated vests? 

We recommend using the original battery for your heated vest. Still, some manufacturers don’t include the battery pack, so use your standard battery or pick another brand that produces the battery. It’s recommended to full-charge your battery before the first usage. Don’t store the battery in the hot temperature; check your instructions for the best.

Can you machine wash a heated vest? 

Most heated vests are machine washable but remove the battery first. Most high-quality heated vests are good for up to 50 washes. Use a gentle wash and hang dry.

Some call for hand-washing only, so check the brand’s care instructions before cleaning yours. Also, tumble-drying isn’t recommended, so allow your vest to air-dry completely before wearing it again.

Are heated vests worth it?

We believe they are worth it. And the price range of a heated golf vest is pretty broad. The heated vest with a battery pack will cost more than the vest without a battery pack. But you can always find one that fits your budget. Just make sure that you pick your heated vests from reliable brands.


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